Black Seal Pellet 900g

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New to the Proper Carp Baits range are these 6mm 900gm bags of flavoured pellet.

Each of our baits in the range have a matching pellet but these are not just your average over sprayed pellet but a pellet that is impregnated with all the same attractive Ethers, Esters, Oleoresins and essential oils that go into our boilies.
They contain a medium protein content but also a low oil content of just 7% which makes them ideal for all year round use.
With a breakdown time of between 6 & 10 hours water temperature depending they can also be used on a pellet band rig.
All in all you're getting a high quality product just as you are with everything else in our range..

Available in the following :-

6mm 900 gm Hot Squid

6mm 900gm Black Seal

6mm 900gm Gold Seal

6mm 900gm Crunchy Nut