Gold Seal Frozen Boilies

Gold Seal Winter Sessions Pack - Frozen Boilies

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This highly digestible birdfood boilie is based around a high quality birdfood ingredient which is rarely used in commercial bait production due to it's cost. Along side this ingredient are top end milk proteins, wheatgerm, Niger seed, Chia seed, a high grade liver powder and fenugreek as well as the usual binding aiding ingredients. A range of liquids, Essential oils, Esters and an intense powdered sweetener help to finish off this highly attractive, naturally golden coloured boilie that is designed to be used in the colder months due to elevated levels of milks but is as equally effective in the warmer months too.

Our competitively priced Frozen Boiles Winter Sessions Pack contains:
• 10kg of 14mm Gold Seal Frozen Boilies
• 14mm Gold Seal Hardened Hookbaits (200ml Pot)
• 14mm Gold Seal Pop-Ups (200ml Pot)
• 12mm x 18mm Gold Seal Barrel Wafters (150ml Pot)
• 12mm Tutti N'Black Pepper 'Pink' Pop-Ups (150ml Pot)